What are you proposing?

What are you proposing?

We need a better way to go to into overseas conflict - this can’t be a decision by the prime minister alone behind closed doors.

We need better accountability mechanisms in the parliament, so our MPs can have their say on the public record.

There are lots of different ways this could be done, like a vote in the House of Representatives, approval by an informed committee or a mandatory debate before deployment.

We’re not dictating the model. We’re raising awareness of the issue and working towards an inquiry to figure out a model that would work in our system.

Although we are not dictating a model for how we increase accountability, approval and transparency around how Australia goes into overseas conflict, we do have general principles to govern our work.

There needs to be some kind of vote or debate in the parliament, there should be regular reports back to parliament when we’re in a conflict and a mandatory independent inquiry when Australian troops return from overseas.

We’re not advocating for a war to be run out of parliament, or for a lengthy accountability process if Australia is under attack.